Dieting vs. Exercise for Weight Loss

Two groundbreaking new studies address the irksome question of why so many of us who work out remain so heavy, a concern that carries special resonance at the moment, as lean Olympians slip through the air and water, inspiring countless viewers to want to become similarly sleek.  And in a just world, frequent physical activity[…]

Avoiding Lower Back Pain

Statistically, 80% of people experience back pain on a moderate to severe pain level over the course of a lifetime. There are two critical times that you are at a higher risk for injury. One is upon awaking in the morning. Your back is swollen at this time, as your discs have extra fluid in[…]

Agility Drills

Agility drills can generally be classified into two categories – open and closed.  Closed drills are preprogrammed drills, performed in a predictable and unchanging environment.  The focus should be primarily on proper movement mechanics, proper body position and simple changes of direction.  The drills should be performed at a speed that allows proper execution of[…]

New Nutrition Score May Help Consumers Make Better Food Choices

As part of an effort to help consumers better understand a food’s nutrition value, researchers at RTI International (Research Triangle Park, NC) developed an algorithm that gives food an overall nutrition score that could make it easier for consumers to make healthy food choices. The algorithm, published in the December issue of the Journal of[…]

Maintaining Mental Acuity

These days, it seems that we can all name several people suffering from some sort of memory loss, whether it be the effects of age-related dementia, or simply the “foggy-brained” symptoms that can accompany a slowing metabolism and changing hormones. Age-related decline is on the rise, with one in eight older Americans diagnosed with Alzheimer’s,[…]