Exercise May Cut the Risk of 13 Cancers

Running, walking, swimming, playing tennis and other activities may be even better for you than you know.  A new study that examined data from 1.44 million people ages 19 to 98 has found that leisure-time physical activity is associated with a lower risk of 13 types of cancer, from breast cancer to myeloid leukemia. Another[…]

The Effects of Exercise On Appetite

The effects of exercise on appetite have been a topic of intense debate over many decades. Interest in this area has increased since the turn of the century, with the discovery in 1999 of the appetite-stimulating (“hunger hormone”) ghrelin. This area has obvious implications for the role of exercise in maintaining a healthy weight and[…]

5 Tips For Hay Fever

As longer days, lighter evenings and the warmth of spring and summer sunshine begin, this can also mean the onset of dreaded hay fever season. How does the Immune System react to Hay Fever? In hay fever sufferers the immune system is over-stimulated, perceiving pollen as a foreign invader, causing an inflammatory response and the[…]


Real sun protection doesn’t come from slathering on sunscreen. It comes from the inside out, from avoiding inflammatory foods and getting plenty of good protective fats, which help the body anti-inflame and heal.  The biggest thing you can do to prevent sunburn is to eat an anti-inflammatory diet. Avoid all grains, legumes, soy, dairy that isn’t[…]