3-Step Detox for Allergies

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Fall season begins far too quickly, considering we have been enjoying this amazing summer season so much. Students will soon be back in school. We begin to get back in the routine of our work and family lives.
Now is a phenomenal time to begin planning a detoxification process. In many health professional’s orientations, summer to fall and spring to summer are the best times of year to cleanse the toxins that accumulate in our bodies. Common signs and symptoms of Toxin Buildup include headaches, joint pains, fatigue, allergies, immune system compromise, mood changes, constipation, congestion, chronic inflammation, skin conditions, and hormonal problems.

During and after the 3-Step Detox process, people often experience increased energy, more comfortable and effective elimination, weight loss, clear-headedness, and reduced pain.

Step One of the 3-Step Detox program addresses inflammation. Biotics Research has an outstanding array of products to support inflammation, including Bio-Allay®.

Step Two includes the following:

  • Bio-Detox PackTM supplies 30 packets of mixed supplements designed to open pathways of elimination and reduce the overall toxic burden in the GI tract. Take (1) pack daily.
  • NutriClear® is a metabolic clearing support formula. Mix (1) scoop with pure water daily.
  • Whey Protein Isolate, are high-quality protein sources that sooth the gut. Mix (1) scoop with pure water daily.

Step Three is for ongoing maintenance customized for you through Biotics Research & Destiny Management based on your unique needs and objectives.