An Alternative To Sugary Sports Drinks

The good weather has started, so some of us are starting to get more active, whether playing sports, training, or hiking in the great outdoors. Make the natural sports drink recipe below and keep it with you whenever you need to rehydrate!

Unfortunately, athletes are often dehydrated, lacking proper mineral balance, and their electrolytes are depleted.

Muscle cramping is common for endurance athletes (distance runners, hikers) as well as those who need rapid bursts of speed (sprinters, LaCrosse, tennis, soccer, basketball).

Consider the following sports drink recipe to mix with one liter of filtered water and some ice to drink prior to and post workout.

The E-Lyte is an electrolyte concentrate, and the D-Ribose provides energy to the mitochondria and has been shown to support cardiac function.

NitroGreens®, a powdered greens food supplement, provides bioflavonoids, flavones and phenolic compounds.
Natural Sports Drink Recipe

You can also add in a scoop of Mixed Ascorbate Powder™ for Vitamin C or a tablespoon of IAG™ powder to boost immunity.


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