Always On The Go

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Today we live in a world that is very fast-paced and we are always expected to go, go, and  maybe go some more. Work is always a given. Most of us work the normal 9 to 5 job, and  possibly add a couple more hours fighting traffic. Some people have weekly obligations, or bi weekly, or sometimes monthly. Most of us also have loved ones, family, and friends that we care  for and try to spend some time with when not at work. Then we have things called hobbies that  we also like to spend our time on. 

Now let’s take a look at how many hours there are in a week: 7 days/week x 24 hours/day = 168  hours. Of the 168 hours, 40 are typically spent at work. But let’s also take into account how much  time it takes to get ready for work and the driving to and from work. That could be 2.5  hours/day, or 12.5 hours/work week. That leaves you with 115.5 hours left for the week and  sleep will likely take up half that amount. Now, consider all the times you are online, watching  TV, or on your cellphone. 

Putting it into perspective, it is no doubt that stress levels are high. Our bodies need time to  recover, from day to day. When you are in your parasympathetic state, you are as calm as  possible and this lets your body regenerate, heal, and nourish. This state can also be compared to  what we know as fight or flight. You are always on guard when in your sympathetic state;  whereas in your parasympathetic state, you have no fears and are comfortable, happy, and  relaxed. The parasympathetic nervous system stimulates the liver, pancreas, stomach, and  intestines.  

With all of that being said, we will be much happier and stress-free if we try to stay in our  parasympathetic state more so than in our sympathetic state. We can become more  parasympathetic by thinking good thoughts, relaxing, and taking deep breaths. Take time during  work to stretch, drink some water, give yourself a pep talk, or meditate. Don’t be afraid to tell the  world “no” from time to time. It is more important that you take care of yourself and love  yourself in this world, and in this life. Enjoy this life, and everything it has to offer. Listen to  your gut, your mind, and your heart. Your body knows what it wants. 

Here are some supplements that can help you with the day-to-day stress: 

  • De-Stress 
  • Li-Zyme or Li-Zyme Forte 
  • Mood Enhancer 

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