Conquer Diabetes


Welcome to your Conquer Diabetes program.

We have worked with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics over the last 36 years. Working with other health professionals, we have put together a comprehensive fitness and nutrition system that will help you learn how and why your body works and help manage your blood sugar for optimal health. We have had success with helping people reduce, and even eliminate, their need for medication.

This is a 12-week program designed to educate you on the key principles of fitness and nutrition and how these factors help control blood sugar. We do this via webinars, weekly meetings, Facebook groups, and educational handouts. We test the knowledge you’ve learned with periodic quizzes.

In addition, we customize a fitness and nutrition program for your goals and lifestyle. Through our app you get video demonstrations of each exercise and customized menu plans.

Also, included are 3-months of supplements (Biotics Research) that help control blood sugar and fitness tools such as a yoga mat, foam roller, Fitness tracker, Glucose monitor, and more.

We work with a variety of healthcare professionals such as nutritionists, chiropractors, doctors, massage therapists, naturopaths, life coaches, etc. to be able to cover all aspects of health and nutrition.

Manage your blood sugar through fitness and nutrition and learn key principles to help you Conquer Diabetes with our proven 7-Step system.

Terry Linde C.S.C.S. is a certified personal trainer who specializes in helping people of all ages and backgrounds reach their fitness goals and enjoy a higher quality of life. He has many years of experience working with Diabetics and along the spectrum of sedentary people looking to get into shape to high-level athletes.

He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education with a minor in Business from W.S.U. and carries certifications with ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), Exercise Science Alliance (ESA), World Instructor Training Schools (WITS), and the NSCA-CSCS (National Strength Coaches Association).He is an instructor for the WITS certification programs and has been the director of the personal training program at Ashmead College Northgate.

His philosophy is anything is better than nothing and can assist you in reaching your goals no matter what limitations with time, injuries, or current conditioning level there may be.

Terry has written and published four books:  The Final Edge:  Look & Feel Your Best, The Final Edge: Peak Performance, The Final Edge:  You Are What You Eat, and The Final Edge:  Iron Athlete Training Journal.



What our clients have to say:

Thank you for Coach Terry Linde inviting me to join the Diabetes program. I am prediabetic and I  have read all the classes and follow the exercise. This is a very good program, and everyone needs it. It helps me understand the diet balance and I have learned nutrition, have workable meal plans, learned how supplements fit in, and what the Glycemic Index is and the importance of it in managing blood sugar.

Ashley’s expertise with fitness and exercise has help me find a program that is perfect to me. Now I know better about movements and how to perform them safely. I love it.

Thank you very much I  recommend your program to everyone. Thanks to everyone for letting me share this.

-Marlinda  Woo

“I’ve known Terry for over 30 years.  When I started, I was 38% body fat and could only do 17 crunches.  After a couple of years, I achieved 18% body fat and could do 4 sets of 100 crunches.  More important than the results, was the knowledge I gained about how to listen to my body.  When I became pregnant, I developed gestational diabetes.  I was told it would go away, but it never did.  This can put most people in a stigma of there is something wrong with me.  From working with you I believe that dealing with the years of physical issues was much easier.  Throughout the years and the knowledge, I gained about why my body responds in certain ways makes dealing with Diabetes much more manageable.”

-Esther Cook

“I’ve been using Terry’s Linde’s Conquer Diabetes Program for over a year now. It’s really helped me lose weight, have more energy, and have more confidence. Also, as a Type 1 Diabetic, my blood sugar is under much better control and as a result, I’ve been able to reduce the amount of insulin I take. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to get control of their Diabetes.”

-Zac Fleischmann