Inflammation and Heart Disease

While it is common for doctors to test cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL and LDL, it is rare for them to test for CRP. CRP is C-reactive protein and is a measure of inflammation. The two largest risk factors for atherosclerosis are inflammation and the size (and number) of the cholesterol particles. If you want to really know if someone is at risk for atherosclerosis (and the possibility of heart attack or stroke), you need to test the particle size and number when you test for cholesterol and you need to test C-reactive protein (CRP).

Inflammation makes plaquing possible. Testing CRP will give you a much better idea you are at risk for heart disease. The medical view is that CRP cannot be lowered, but simply avoiding foods that cause inflammation (refined sugar, refined starch, fatty meats, GMOs, chemical additives), and eating foods that reduce inflammation, can lower CRP. Choosing anti-inflammatory foods (fresh, organic produce [80% by volume], lean, organic meat, nuts and seeds), will also bring down CRP.

To ensure good results, add the following supplementation: Intenzyme Forte™ (10, 2x/day on an EMPTY stomach). If you are taking anti- coagulation medication (“blood thinners”), do not use this product. Instead, use CurcumRx® (one, 2x/day).

Fish oil, like Biomega-1000™, can help reduce inflammation. There is a lot of research that shows the benefits of fish oil for cardiac patients. Research appearing in the Journal of Nutrition (February 2008, Volume 138, Pages 287-291) showed that EPA from fish oil may be able to affect blood vessel function after a fatty meal. It was a small study, with 17 healthy men as volunteers. They were given two test meals (51 g fat), 1 wk apart, in random order. They were supplemented with 5 g EPA plus high-oleic sunflower oil (HOS) vs. HOS only. A second high-fat meal (44 g fat), the same on both study days, was provided 4 hours later. Blood pressure and arterial function were measured using digital volume pulse to derive as “stiffness index”. This was measured in fasting subjects at three and six hours following the test meal. They found that taking the EPA improved the tone of the blood vessels following a high-fat meal.

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