Insulin and High Cholesterol

When dealing with high cholesterol, consider the possibility that the patient has metabolic syndrome (also called Syndrome X), which is born of insulin insensitivity. A diet that is dominant in refined carbohydrates, like starch and sugar, can cause insulin insensitivity. The situation can lead to metabolic syndrome and even type 2 diabetes. Symptoms of insulin resistance include fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, carbohydrate craving, and periods of hypoglycemia after a high carbohydrate meal (often needing a nap after eating).

Approximately 50% of patients with high blood pressure are insulin insensitive. Approximately 30% of American adults are insulin insensitive and 25% have metabolic syndrome. The Journal of the American Medical Association states that if a patient has three or more of the following symptoms then Syndrome X is present: waist measurement greater than 40” in men (35” in women); triglycerides greater than 150 mg/dl; HDL lower than 40 mg/dl; blood pressure greater than 135/85; or fasting glucose of 110 mg/dl.

If someone with high cholesterol has metabolic syndrome, reduce carbohydrates in the diet and strictly avoid refined carbohydrate. Stop snacking. Insulin is produced immediately after a meal; it stores calories. After three hours the body produces glucagon, which burns them. If you interrupt the glucagon production with a snack, the body produces insulin all over again. Make sure that the patient eats NOTHING between dinner and bedtime. If you absolutely cannot give up snacking there is a product, Bio-Glycozyme Forte™, that may help.

For high cholesterol due to metabolic syndrome, the following products may help: GlucoBalance®, Biomega-1000™, Beta-TCP™, and to reduce triglycerides, use 600 mg. of lipoic acid each day, along with the reduction in carbohydrate.  Lipoic Acid Plus is a good choice.

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