More Strategies for the Immune System

The idea behind vaccines is to confer immunity to a specific virus. But doesn’t itmake sense to take steps to improve general immunity. We hear that half ofEurope died during the Bubonic Plague in the 14th century. That means that theother half didn’t die—better immunity.

We use language like, “I caught a cold,” or “I caught the flu”. It makes it soundlike the virus has moves like LeBron James. It fakes left, spins right and slamdunks into you. But we know that even in a pandemic, not everyone gets sick. 

The one solution that most people seek out is the flu shot. Many people get a flushot and think to themselves, “Mission accomplished–I am ready for fluseason.” The vaccination is the only thing they do to protect themselves.Doesn’t it make sense to take steps to improve the general health of the immunesystem and to help it to fight off any bacteria or virus?

Enhance your immune system as much as possible. Do all the things your mother told you:  wash your hands before eating, eat a good diet, and get plenty of rest. Diet, lifestyle and keeping stress to a minimum can all help you avoid getting sickduring cold and flu season. There are also a number of supplements that canhelp enhance immunity.

Bio-C Plus 1000™, for example, is a powerful antioxidant and helps the body to fight off viruses. Bio-Ae-Mulsion Forte® helps to protect the mucus membranes of the sinuses and the respiratory system.

But you should not just randomly take supplements–everyone has individual needs.The supplements only enhance the immune system when there is a need for them.They don’t “fix” the immune system as much as they fix a vitamin deficiency.Taking Bio-C Plus 1000™ and Bio-Ae-Mulsion are often successful becausevitamins A and C are often depleted when the body is fighting a cold orvirus. 

Another useful supplement for the immune system is IAG™, which is arabinogalactan.Arabinogalactans are starch-like chemicals found in many plants. They areproteoglycans (a type of protein and sugar combination) found between thecells. It is very plentiful in Larch trees. There are a number of studies thatshow it to be beneficial to the immune system. The activity of immunemodulating herbs, like Echinacea and Astragalus, may be due to arabinogalactan.

A study, appearing in Current Medical Research and Opinion (2013Mar;29(3):251-8), found that 4.5 grams of Larch arabinogalactan per day over a12-week period reduced the incidence of the common cold in 101 subjects whencompared to 98 subjects receiving a placebo. 

Other research, appearing in Nutrition and Metabolism (2016 Apr 12;13:28) reviewedstudies involving Larch arabinogalactan and the immune system the authorsstated, ” Larch arabinogalactan decreased the incidence of cold episodesby 23 %. Improvements of serum antigen-specific IgG and IgE response toStreptococcus pneumoniae and tetanus vaccination suggesting a B cell dependentmechanism have been reported in vaccination studies with larch arabinogalactan,while the absence of response following influenza vaccination suggests theinvolvement of a T cell dependent mechanism. These observations suggest a rolefor larch arabinogalactan in the improvement of cold infections, although themode of action remains to be further explored. Different hypotheses can be envisagedas larch arabinogalactan can possibly act indirectly throughmicrobiota-dependent mechanisms and/or have a direct effect on the immunesystem via the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT).”  

IAG™ is a particularly useful product to giveto children. It is safe, and many patients tell us that taking frequent dosesat the first sign of illness will often prevent the illness. It is in a powder,so the child is not forced to swallow pills. It is easily dissolved in anyjuice and the mild taste is completely masked by the juice. 

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