Enthusiast Training Subscription

$99.00 / month and a $199.00 sign-up fee

Looking for a fitness program that is customized just for you? This is it. Our certified trainers will completely customize a fitness program to meet your personal goals, time-frames, lifestyle, and more.  We monitor your progress and are here to answer questions that may come up, make any necessary adjustments or modifications to your program, and help motivate you to ensure your success.

With our monthly subscription plan, you will receive:

  • A baseline Fitness Assessment.
  • Help with setting realistic goals.
  • A fitness program that is designed specifically for your goals, time frame, and any injuries or other considerations.
  • Our trainers will monitor your progress and make any adjustments necessary to help you achieve your goals safely and quickly.
  • Access to our library of exercises and routines.
  • Unlimited email support and motivation.
  • Answers to all of your questions.

The one-time $199 sign-up fee covers individual testing for the fitness assessment and any virtual appointments needed to get you started with the program.




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