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Whenever we get a chance for a few days of sunshine; gathering with friends, a picnic in the park, or just relaxing at a BBQ. “Grilling season” is officially among us, but did you know grilling your food can be detrimental to your health? Sorry to be a downer. I know you love sizzling steaks, I do too, but carcinogens? We all know about combustion and the burning of materials releasing carcinogens, but do you know how to protect your cells from carcinogenic damage? I will let you in a secret, Resveratrol!

When we grill, a releasing of a compound known as benzopyrene occurs. You will find it in tobacco smoke as well as grilled (charbroiled) meats, and is the result of incomplete combustion. The main source of benzopyrene is wood burning, however, it is present in the combustion of all organic material. Many negative health effects have been observed in relation to compound. Pregnant rats fed benzopyrene have shown negative impacts on brain development in their offspring, as well as impacts to the immune system. Considered a group one, carcinogen I could spend all day discussing the negatives, but let’s talk about how it relates to Resveratrol.

Resveratrol has become quite popular the past few years as a tremendous vasodilator, supports health neurocognitive function, and many more benefits. The most common and widely used source for Resveratrol is called Knotweed, and this is where the issue occurs. Knotweed can be a source of unacceptable levels of benzopyrene. We first noticed this correlation in our lab when we would send back batch after batch of raw materials for containing far too much of the adulterant. This led to some serious supply issues that we had to remedy. We were lucky enough to find a company that was able to produce Resveratrol from fermentation, and we quickly became their first customer. We have continued to purchase our Resveratrol from fermented sources to prevent any inappropriate exposure to benzopyrene.

If you currently take Resveratrol, I recommend you check the ingredient list. If the source is shown to be from Knotweed, consider the long term effect this can have on your patients and clients. I am constantly impressed by the steps Biotics Research Corporation takes behind the scenes to protect the people that matter most, our patients. If you need me I’ll be next to the grill, enjoying the sun, with lots of sunscreen, and a burger in hand.

Check out these Resveratrol products brought to you by Biotics Research:

ResveraSirt-HP™ – Supplies 250 mg Trans-Resveratrol (from fermentation) per serving.   

VasculoSirt® – Supplies 50 mg of Trans-Resveratrol (from fermentation) per serving.         

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