Can Type 2 Diabetes be Reversed?

Diabetes has no cure. However, research has proven that it’s likely for some individuals to reverse it. If one works on their diet and towards losing excess body weight, then they may be able to arrive at, and be able to stay within, a normal range of blood sugar even without using any medications. Having a normal blood sugar level and not having to use medication, also known as the state of remission, does not necessarily mean that a person who was initially diabetic is completely cured, diabetes is a continuing disease. Therefore, there are chances that symptoms may reoccur.

The good news is that some persons may live for many years without having the trouble of controlling their blood sugar or even health problems that are brought about by diabetes.

The question is, how can you reverse diabetes naturally? The best answer to this is through weight loss. Shedding excess body weight not only helps in managing diabetes but is also critical for leading a diabetes free life for folks who have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes.

There are various ways for people with diabetes to lose weight such as intermittent fasting, exercising, bariatric surgery, and reducing the intake of calories. Research shows that therapeutic fasting, staying for a certain period of time without consuming food and drink that contain calories, can help in reversing diabetes. Exercise combined with a low-calorie diet is also proven to be a good solution on the journey of losing weight. Bariatric surgery should be seen as a last resort, as it changes the digestive system and the stomach so as to limit what one can eat.

Lastly, there is no shortcut to diabetes reversal. No pills have been proven helpful or safe. It takes time and effort, but it is well worth it.

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