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CONQUER DIABETES – Manage your blood sugar through fitness & nutrition & conquer diabetes with our proven 7-Step system.

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Manage your blood sugar through fitness and nutrition and learn key principles to help you Conquer Diabetes with our proven 7-Step system.

This is a 12-week program designed to educate you on the key principles of fitness and nutrition and how these factors help control blood sugar. We do this via webinars, weekly meetings, Facebook groups, and educational handouts. We test the knowledge you’ve learned with periodic quizzes.

In addition, we customize a fitness and nutrition program for your goals and lifestyle. Through our app you get video demonstrations of each exercise and customized menu plans.  Plan includes 12 individual, weekly sessions with our Registered Dietitian.

Also, included are 3-months of supplements (Biotics Research) that help control blood sugar and fitness tools such as a yoga mat, foam roller, Fitness tracker, Glucose monitor, and more.

We work with a variety of healthcare professionals such as nutritionists, chiropractors, doctors, massage therapists, naturopaths, life coaches, etc. to be able to cover all aspects of health and nutrition.

Manage your blood sugar through fitness and nutrition and learn key principles to help you conquer diabetes with our proven 7-step system:

D – Determine It is important to determine your baseline fitness level to be able to design a correct exercise program for your system and abilities.
E – Educate We help educate you to make a nutrition and fitness program easily fit into your lifestyle.
S – Strategy With the information we get from your baseline fitness tests, and your feedback, we tailor a program specifically to your goals, time frame, and lifestyle.
T – Training We coach and provide you with guidance and motivation for your fitness and nutrition program through our training app, which you can download for free.
I – Individualize We help you learn what your body is telling you as you progress towards your goals, so you know what is needed for your body and make adjustments as needed based on this feedback to ensure success.
N – New Beginning We periodically retest your body composition and fitness levels to gauge how you’ve progressed, re-evaluate your goals, and set new ones.
Y – Y Why do this? For you and your family. For more energy and quicker recovery. For a higher quality of life.  For your education – You will better understand all the key fitness and nutrition principles necessary to maintain your progress for the rest of your life.

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