10 Tips to Maintain Good Health during Covid-19

10 Tips to Maintain Good Health during Covid-19

Since the pandemic coronavirus outbreak, many people are concerned about their health. Whether you are a carrier of the coronavirus or not, it is important to maintain good health. Sometimes you don’t know that you are infected if you are having uncommon symptoms like urinary incontinence etc. Even if you’re not infected by this disease, following these few tips will still help keep your immune system strong and healthy.

1) Do not eat junk food

Junk food has little to no nutritional value. Avoid eating processed foods, cakes, donuts, chips, and other similar foods. Despite being easy to eat, they are not good for the body. Eat home-cooked meals made from fresh ingredients. Read nutrition labels to know how many calories you are consuming.

2) Stop drinking alcohol and smoking

Alcohol and cigarettes are both harmful to your body. Alcohol is high in sugar and will therefore decrease your immunity. Smoking exposes you to many chemicals that reduce the intake of oxygen by red blood cells, magnesium, vitamin c, and various other nutrients. These two habits shunt off essential nutrients from your body and leave less room for them to fight the virus.

3) Exercise daily

Exercise helps strengthen your body and improve breathing. It boosts immunity by increasing blood flow to your muscles, lungs, and heart so that your body is able to better handle diseases. Do not do strenuous exercises immediately after eating. Instead, wait for about an hour. This will allow the food you ate to be digested first.

4) Drink enough water

Water is essential for your body because it flushes out waste materials. Without proper hydration, the system becomes slow and toxic wastes are not removed fast enough for your body to handle. This can result in many illnesses that require intensive care at hospitals. Those with coronavirus are most vulnerable to health problems with the immune system so it is important for them not to neglect hydration.

5) Get enough sleep

You need at least 7-8 hours of good quality sleep every night. If you’re constantly tired and your energy levels are dropping, try going to bed earlier and see if that helps. Sleeping during the day is not recommended as you’re more likely to catch the coronavirus during this period.

6) Wash your hands frequently

Washing your hands prevents viruses and bacteria from transferring into your body. It is recommended that you wash at least 15-20 times a day, especially after touching door handles, railings, and any other objects in public places. Advanced countries’ citizens are employed to remind people to wash their hands before entering supermarkets and other places where food is prepared.

7) Do not eat raw or undercooked meat

Meat contains many nutrients but cooking it properly will ensure that you do not get sick. Bacteria in raw meat can lead to diarrhea (and dehydration), vomiting, stomach pain, and other unpleasant conditions. Raw meat also contains parasites that can cause stomach pain, diarrhea, and vomiting if ingested.

8) Use antibacterial hand wash

Handwashing with antibacterial soap is the best way to kill bacteria on your hands before eating. Using a sanitizer or instant hand gel is just as effective but using regular soap and water is the cheapest, most effective, and safest method for eliminating bacteria.

9) Use a mask when in crowded places or near someone with corona virus

Sometimes it’s difficult to avoid coming into contact with people who may be carriers of this disease. Using masks will prevent you from inhaling droplets containing the virus that may come out of their mouths during sneezing or coughing. Using anti-bacterial wipes to clean your hands before and after using public transportation is also recommended.

10) Avoid other people if you feel unwell

You should postpone all plans until you’ve recovered from this disease. The best thing to do is rest in bed and drinks plenty of water. Stay away from crowded places and try to avoid people. This will give your body time to fight off the virus more efficiently.

Quick Tips to Prevent Contracting Virus:

The coronavirus pandemic is a worldwide event that has been going on causing many deaths in some parts of the world. Many health organizations have come together to offer advice on how you can protect yourself from getting infected. Here are some tips you can use to prevent contracting the virus:

1) Do not shake hands with people when greeting them

2) Carefully wash the fruits and vegetables you buy before you eat them

3) Wash your hands regularly to ensure that bacteria do not enter your body

4) Do not use public transport if it is overcrowded 

5) Avoid eating undercooked meat to lower the chance of contracting diseases

6) Drink plenty of water regularly, especially when you feel thirsty

7) Eat nutritious meals to prevent your body from getting tired and run down

8) Do not go near other people if you feel unwell. Stay inside your house until you recover. Going to work or school when sick can lead to the spread of this virus.

9) Use a mask when in crowded places

10) Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night if possible

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