5 Tips To Help With Holiday Weight Management

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  1. Write down all events and possible challenges for the week (e.g. work party, dinner with a friend, neighbor’s cookies, etc.)
  2. Rank these according to most challenging, and least controllable events: Include your favorites. Using the examples above, you might list: 1-dinner with a friend, 2-work party 3cookies. Why? The friend’s dinner is a pre-fixed menu and you love their dessert, but you can be flexible with the other two.  
  3. Beginning with the lowest-ranked event, start planning. What veggie side dish, fruit based dessert, or lean protein skewer can you bring to share? Can you eat beforehand? Stick to sparkling water with lime all night? Bring an emergency snack to keep in your car in case it becomes a long evening?   Your top two events can include your “un-food meal” options (e.g. alcohol, dessert, high-fat meats or sauces, refined grains, etc.)  Plan ahead to be mindful in those situations.  Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.  Ensure that exercise and steps are scheduled on those days as well.  Helpful hint:  Pre-track your plans to ensure that you’re staying within your calorie goals. 
  4. Execute your plan and adjust as needed.  As an example, if you had planned to eat flank steak, salad fruit and sparkling water at a friend’s house only to find they made spaghetti and Caesar salad. Although you did well with portion control, you’ll plan to have only dessert rather than dessert and some high-fat meat at your fun food dinner on the weekend.
  5. At the end of the week, start the process over again for the following week.  If you hope to lose or maintain weight during the holidays, plan for fewer “fun food” options and increase your exercise and steps. Allow yourself to be guided by your weight trends, how you feel, and how your clothes fit. If one week results in weight gain, adjust the next week until you feel on track. A reset in the Nest Year is perfectly fine as well.

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