Supplements for Pets?

Supplements for Pets

Are you an avid pet lover?   In a perfect world, the food we give our pets should handle all of their health needs (as with ourselves); however, some supplemental intervention may be required just as with people.

Arthritis and Joint Issues

As animals age, they become susceptible to arthritis and other joint issues just like their human counterparts.  Whether for pet, or yourself, glucosamine and chondroitin are beneficial to support joints. Both nutrients have been shown to be beneficial in treating arthritis and joint issues in both man and animals. Chondrosamine-S each day is a perfect solution for achy joints.

Dry, Flaky Coat

Is your pet’s coat dry or flaky? Often as our pets age, it becomes more difficult for them to secrete the oils necessary to keep their skin moist and coat healthy. For this, some simple fish oil will go a long way. Try giving them Optimal EFAs in with your pet’s foods each morning to maintain that glossy coat.


Inflammation can be a real silent nuisance to your pet. It makes them lethargic and inactive.  Try using KappArest.  It will help reduce the inflammation and get them back to their active lifestyle.

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