What to Know About Diabetes


Diabetes is a condition where your body’s glucose or body sugar is too high. Diabetes is a long-term disease through which your health condition affects how your body converts food into energy.

Blood sugar or glucose in the form of energy that your body needs, which comes from the food you eat. But when your body sugar goes, The body does not produce enough insulin, or the cells cannot use it effectively. So when you have diabetes, your body glucose gets too high. However, there is no cure for diabetes. Still, you can control it by changing your lifestyles, such as changing your diet routine by taking less sugar food, using some natural things like orange essential oil, lavender essential oil, and many more that have to relieve properties in them.

Before moving toward the symptoms and causes of diabetes, let’s look at the type of diabetes.

Types of Diabetes

There are a few types of diabetes;

Type 1 diabetes:

Type 1 is an autoimmune disease that can occur to every person’s age, shape, and size. This type of diabetes develops when the body cells that produce insulin in the pancreas (beta cells) are mistakenly destroyed by the immune system. In this way, your body starts to produce less insulin that controls your sugar level. Almost 10 percent of people have this type of diabetes, but there are no worries about having this type of diabetes. It can be controlled by just bringing some lifestyle changes and making less use of things that can harm you.

Type 2 diabetes:

This type of diabetes is the most common when your body resists insulin or doesn’t use insulin properties, and the sugar starts building in your blood and gradually leads to uncontrolled blood sugar. This type of diabetes is most common in the age group starting from thirty and above due to being overweight and obese. But today it is also becoming common among youngsters due to having more children and the adults having overweight.

Gestational diabetes:

This type of diabetes is during pregnancy when your blood sugar goes high. It is developed due to pregnancy hormones or due to an insufficient amount of insulin. However, this type of diabetes temporarily develops during pregnancy. It goes away after your pregnancy ends, but sometimes the child in the womb of the mother who has gestational diabetes may have the chance of having diabetes in the future.


It’s a kind of diabetes in which your blood sugar is first high and then gets normal. but there are no clear symptoms for prediabetes. One thing is clear that it is not high enough to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. So it’s better first to consult your doctor and get tested.

Symptoms of Diabetes

We all know that diabetes  is caused when your sugar is high, so here are some general symptoms for diabetes;

Complication of diabetes

Diabetes leads to high blood sugar that damages organs and tissues throughout your body. Remember, the higher your blood sugar is, and the longer you live with it, the greater your risk for complications. When you have diabetes, many other complications get associated with you, such as may get chance for heart attacks, hearing loss, skin problems, neuropathy, nephropathy, and even depression.

Is there any cure for diabetes?

With all the advancements and research till now, there has been no cure for diabetes. However, some lifestyle changes may help you stop your diabetes condition from getting worse, primarily type 2 diabetes.

Moreover, many therapies help you relax your stress level that also help to keep your sugar level stable.

Here are some steps you can adopt to keep your sugar level stable;

  • Check your glucose levels frequently.
  • Plan what you eat at each meal.
  • Take your diabetes medicine regularly.
  • Exercise daily and burn your calories.
  • Adopt good sleep habits

Wrapping Up!

Diabetes is getting ordinary day by day. All you need to do is to consult your doctor and get tested. And when you are diagnosed with it, make sure you make some changes in your lifestyle according to which your sugar level can remain stable.

We hope that this article will be informative for you and if you think you got any of these symptoms or your loved ones have such symptoms. Don’t wait and get yourself or your loved one tested today because health comes first!

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