8 Simple Swim Workouts for Full-Body Health

The best workout is always the one you’ll actually do, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to swimming. Because the water offers gentle resistance in every direction, any movement offers some strength training, but because water is buoyant, it’s easier on your joints, bones, and muscles.

Ready to hit the pool? Make sure you have a swimsuit and goggles; a swim cap (if you have hair on your head) and a kickboard are also recommended. Try keeping it simple to start, swimming easy laps that incorporate different strokes like the dolphin kick, freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke. Work on keeping your body streamlined, and avoid any kicks or strokes that cause pain to any injured areas. Then, whether you simply swim a few laps in a given time or follow a more stringent workout, the important thing is to keep moving! You’ll learn more about how to start swimming in the following infographic.

Cheat Sheet for Swimming
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