Healing Hands By Ashley

Healing Hands By Ashley

Healing Hands Natural Homemade Products By Ashley

Creating all-natural products from my heart to your skin Through my education in the Holistic Medical Field through Massage Therapy and Yoga Instruction, as well as through my own personal difficulties with skin sensitivities, I decided to create my own line of All-Natural Homemade Products. Combining my knowledge of skincare, aromatherapy, and whole-body well-being, I have found a passion for creating chemical and toxic-free products that are not only effective but help to restore and repair your body’s largest organ: Your Skin!

Ashley Dykstra

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Love Bees

Our original product line includes the Beeswax Candle, Bulk Candle, Lotion Bar, Lotion Bar Bulk, Lip Balm, Lip Scrub, Lip Duo, and Deodorant! Locally sourced beeswax and honey pay tribute to these lovely little fliers. 5% of all the profits from this line get donated to “Operation Honey Bee,” a non-profit organization dedicated to saving bees. Click here to learn more about Operation Honey Bee.

Seasonal Soaps and Scents

From Monthly Subscription Boxes to Holiday Scents and Gift Bags, your gift-giving needs are covered!

Gift Certificates available!

Give the gift of self care! With great products for everyone, you can’t go wrong.

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Our All-Natural hair care line will leave your hair and scalp clean without stripping it or irritating your skin.

They will have you leaving those store-bought products behind.

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See what our customers say:

I have had eczema and dry skin all of my life. I had trouble with getting cracks on my fingers, especially during the winter months. These were extremely painful and a lot of times they affected how I could hold things, type, etc. When I was introduced to the lotion bars by Healing Hands, I applied them every night before bed to my hands and fingers, and for the first winter ever, I didn’t get any cracks on my fingers. I have consistently used the various lotion products for the last year and a half and haven’t had any problems with dry skin and my fingers cracking. I would highly recommend these products to everyone for healthier skin.  TLL/CEO

I had a scar on my chest that was very raised from a chest tube I had during my time-fighting cancer. I started using the Healing Hands products and within a few days, the raised portion of the scar and redness had almost disappeared. I have continued to use the products and my skin has never looked better. These are great products and I recommend them for everyone. Pascal M.

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