Corporate Wellness

Improve employee health & wellness, reduce medical & disability costs and improve productivity

Corporate Wellness


  • Gimmickless Nutrition
  • Fitness Basics & Beyond
  • Stress Management
  • Making & Breaking Habits
  • Low Back Care
  • Personality Styles, Communication & Sales Workshop¬†
  • $5 per employee on-line
  • Ongoing coaching $15 per employee per month
  • On-site with a brown bag lunch format

Online Health Fairs

We will help you establish benchmarks to gauge the success of your wellness program.  We provide a variety of health topics from knowledgeable health professionals to help educate your employees on the importance of health and fitness to maintain a high quality of life and wellness.

  • $10 per employee per month for employee consultations and health coaching
  • $62 per hour for a half day of wellness services
  • $52 per hour for a full day of wellness service