A Day in the Life of a Diabetic

Bob wakes up every morning with anticipation of getting a good breakfast and making the most  of his day. But before he can start preparing his meal, he sits down at the breakfast table, and  punches a hole in his finger to draw blood, so he can test his blood glucose (bg). Once he gets  his reading, he then calculates how much he is going to eat, and how much insulin he will need  to keep his bg at a normal level. If his bg is too high, he will then need to rethink his meal plans  for the morning.  

Once this meal is over, Bob is constantly aware of how he is feeling, and watching what he is  eating for the rest of the day (and his life). He will retest throughout the day to make sure that  his bg is not too high or too low. And before he eats his lunch and dinner, he will go through the  same drill that he went through for breakfast.  

Bob is in good shape for a man his age. His body fat is low, his blood pressure is normal and his  cholesterol is excellent. But this doesn’t matter when it comes to type I diabetes. But one of  those factors will matter when it comes to type II diabetes, and it is the one that is most  controllable of all the health conditions listed. 

Body fat is the most controllable factor in concerns of health issues, yet people tend to over look  it the most when trying to stay healthy. Weight loss is not just for the cosmetic aspect of life, but  a health aspect of life. When stepping on a scale, do you think about how your excess weight  puts you at a higher risk for health diseases, or do you think about how you will look in that  outfit for your date tonight? I bet Bob thinks about a healthy weight will equal a healthier life. 

Have you thought about how you would have to modify your life if you were diagnosed with  type II diabetes? Have you considered what drastic changes you would need to make in what  you eat, when you eat and how you will feel when you eat it? We take for granted that our  bodies will always work the way they are supposed to work. But this is not true for everyone. 

So if you feel that you are at risk for developing this new epidemic, please contact your doctor.  The disease can be controlled, and the earlier it is caught, the easier it is to control. 

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