A Great Breakfast Alternative


1 cup raw almonds 

1 cup raw sunflower seeds  

1 cup raw pumpkin seeds  

1 cup steel cut oats 

Place ingredients in a bowl and fill with water 1 inch above seeds and grains, stir and rinse well in a  colander. Return to the bowl and add water to within 1 inch above seeds and let soak overnight.  This allows the seeds to begin to germinate. 

Next day drain and rinse in a colander. Remove ½ cup for today’s use and put the rest in the  refrigerator with no water. 

Place your sprouted seed and grain mixture in a bowl, add fresh fruit. (I use 1 diced apple and a  mixture of berries). To eat cold, use coconut milk or some kind of seed or nut milk you enjoy.  Obviously, we don’t want to use a form of milk we are allergic to. I also encourage people to  avoid cow’s milk for many reasons i.e. hormones, processing etc. For hot cereal replace milk with  hot water. 

I personally enjoy adding 1 scoop of Biotics NitroGreens. NitroGreens is loaded with alkalizing  factors, antioxidants and chlorophyll. 

Mix thoroughly and enjoy. 

For further use, take seed and grain mixture from the refrigerator and re-rinse before using. It’s  generally best not to make more than a couple of day’s worth. 

Other raw seeds and nuts can be substituted according to taste and desired nutrients. See below  for a list of calories, carbohydrates, protein and fiber counts for the seeds I like to use. 

Grams Saturated 

Amount Fat Calories Carbs Protein Fat Fiber 

Almonds  1/4 Cup  18  210  1.5  4
Sunflower Seeds  1/4 Cup  16  140  3
Pumpkin Seeds  3 TBSP  15  170  2.5  2
Steel Cut Oats  1/4 Cup  160  27  4
Buckwheat Groats  1/4 Cup  1.5  150  32  5
Total    53.5  830  75  34  18

Other Options 

Grams Saturated 

Amount Fat Calories Carbs Protein Fat Fiber

Chia Seed  1 TBSP  4.5  60  0.5  5
Flax Seed  3 TBSP  90  0.5  6

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