Fitness Tips for Busy People

“What fits your busy schedule better, exercising one hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day?”

— Randy Glasbergen

In a perfect world, we’d have as much time as possible to spend with our families, go to the gym, have time for entertainment and travel, and still make enough money at work. But that’s just not how life is for many of us. Everyone juggles a lot, from partners, children, school, work, sports teams, parenting, and more. It is tough to get enough time to sleep, especially for those who work longer hours or maybe hold two jobs. If you can relate to that, keep reading!

Busy people tend to shy away from fitness because they imagine spending tons of time in the gym. Often, their schedules are packed with endless to-do lists and they just can’t fit in one more thing, in this case, time to exercise. They feel like they could have handled one more task, attended one more meeting, checked one more email, made dinner for their loved ones, revised for their exams, wrote a blog, etc. Such people tend to neglect their fitness/self-care and how it’s impacting their productivity.

Exercise keeps you healthy and increases your productivity as it helps with brain fog. And fitness doesn’t have to be a huge, extra time commitment.  You don’t need to fix tons of time in your already busy schedule to get fit. It’s the little things that count when done right and consistently.

Below are some workouts that will blend flawlessly into the brief moments of downtime during your day. You can just do them from bed in the morning as you wake up, at your desk while browsing, and even at night when Netflixing, and at the end of the day you will still find time to do what you love too.

  • Energized routine before getting out of bed (20-30 minutes).

You can do easy stretches entirely from your bed. This exercise will wake up your muscles. Then you can do a few strength moves like lunges and push-ups. You can also stretch in the shower. This will leave you feeling energized for the rest of the day.

  • Sneak into the gym if you can during your lunch period.

For your 30-60 min lunch break, you can do a few low-intensity exercises like squats, single-leg squats, triceps or biceps dips, or seated bicycle crunches at the gym. If you’re working from home, do 10-15 minutes of exercise during your breaks at least twice a day.

  • Release extra weight with these after-work exercises.

Let plyometrics be your new best friend. You can do some high knees jumps while waiting for your soup to boil or jumping jacks while looking at Instagram stories.

  • Ditch the lift

Going for a meeting on the 2nd floor, use the staircase instead of the lift/elevator. This can be a low-intensity exercise that works almost all your muscles. When done frequently, you can start seeing results like being alert or even losing weight.

  • Walking

Utilize any opportunity to walk around. Walk your dog in the morning or on weekends, walk to the bus/train station, walk to the grocery store, walk during your lunch hour or in the evening, walk during your breaks, or to your car (park a little far). Just walk. Aim for about 30 minutes a day.

  • Yoga

Yoga teachings help with flexibility and productivity. They help you learn how to cope with stress and improve your esteem all when working your body.

  • Do exercise every time you go to the bathroom!

You can start with five-wall push-ups, squats, and walking lunges every time you go to the bathroom and progress with time.

  • Catch up on your favorite show while killing some fats (10 mins).

These super quick 10-minute routines are great to do during movie breaks or when waiting for the next episode to start. You can do squats, mountain climbers push-ups, and burpees. You can always increase your reps as time passes and you’ll be ready.

Remember, fitness is a journey. If you want to look good and be healthy, decide and start today!

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