How Full Body Workout Exercises Are Ideal for Professionals

exercise for professionals

For many professionals, work usually gets in the way of health and fitness, with much of their time and effort devoted to their various tasks and responsibilities. Sometimes, 24 hours seem insufficient, and this is why a lot of professionals can’t find time to work out, let alone play sports like tennis, which Destiny Management considers the best sport for staying healthy.

Of course, this should not be the case. Even the busiest of professionals must still find time to do things that will keep them fit and healthy.

You can start by checking out another past article about fitness resolution here on Destiny Management. Forget that “go big or go home” mentality and instead settle for smaller, more attainable goals. There should also be a commitment to doing “ordinary things daily,” and performing full body workout exercises every day would be great early on. Mayo Clinic points out that regular exercise has many health benefits, including the prevention or management of various illnesses, better mood, increased energy, and weight maintenance.

Traditional exercise routines are time-consuming, which as mentioned earlier, is not a luxury many professionals have. This is precisely why full-body workout exercises are perfect for professionals because just one or two of these daily (or even three to four times a week) will go a long way. Additionally, many full-body workout exercises can be done even without gym equipment, which is a plus for professionals who are frequently on the go.

To incorporate full-body workout exercises into your daily routine, Men’s Health recommends a trio of 3-move circuits. However, we recommend the 8-point push-up the most, especially for professionals with less-than-stellar fitness levels. Here are the steps to do this full body blast:

1. Stand up.
2. Drop into a squat.
3. Kick out into a push-up position.
4. Kick out your feet as wide as you can. Then kick them back together
5. Perform a push-up.
6. Drive your knees in between your elbows and get your weight on your heels.
7. Jump straight up and do some jumping jacks.


Professionals who are truly serious about getting fit and healthy can also consult a fitness coach or someone who helps clients attain their health and fitness goals by prescribing exercise routines and diet plans. They specialize in knowing the differences among people in terms of fitness needs and coming up with a plan that would best suit your build, lifestyle, and schedule. Joe Wicks, AKA The Body Coach, is dubbed by Forbes as one of the world’s top fitness influencers, and he has his own YouTube channel where he shares workout suggestions, diet recommendations, and health advice. His routines are functional and target one section of the body at a time. The Kingston, England native also emphasizes time efficiency, making his exercises suitable for people with a lot on their plate. Due to his effective methods, Wicks has essentially reached celebrity status and he even appeared on Good Morning Britain. The sports science major talked about his health and fitness principles as well as his books on healthy eating. Seeking ideas and inspiration from a fitness coach like Wicks can be the best thing for any professional who wants to get fit and healthy.

Of course, any fitness program still has to start somewhere within yourself. And doing one or two full body workout exercises is a good springboard for bigger, better things to come when it comes to your wellbeing.

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