Trying to Lose Weight? Here Are Five Tips You Absolutely Need to Succeed

You look into your bathroom mirror, and you recognize that you’ve gained some weight. Your favorite clothes are considerably snug on your body, and there are flabby areas in places you’ve never had flab before. Even worse, you are beginning to feel the extra weight whenever you walk across a parking lot or up a flight of stairs. You know what you need to do to change how you look and feel, but maybe what isn’t clear is how to start. Here are five tips to help you get back into a healthy lifestyle and lose that excess weight

1. Come from a Place of Love

Before you step foot into a gym or throw out all of the junk food in your pantry, you need to have an honest heart-to-heart with yourself. Take a moment and consider why you’re doing this. Losing weight is not only important for having a good body image, but it’s also essential for living a full and healthy life.

Being above your healthy body weight puts you at risk for obesity and a long list of medical complications that can pose a risk to your overall health.  Approach your diet and exercise not as a punishment for not fitting society’s ideal body type, but instead, as a way for you to live your best and most healthy life possible. Go into your diet not from a place of shame or disappointment, but from determination and self-love.

2. Seek Counseling

Most times people consider excessive weight gain as a purely physical condition. What a lot of people don’t know, however, is that the reasons behind your weight gain could be from a mental condition. Even something as common as stress can push our bodies to put on extra weight. As you take steps to improve your physical health, you should also consider seeking therapy or counseling to talk through how and why you gained weight in the first place.

3. Get into a Routine

You probably already know that the solution to losing weight is increased physical activity. A lot of people will turn to exercise to get back into shape, but what many forget to do is get into a steady, regular routine. There are countless exercises out there that you can try, but it isn’t really about finding the best exercise, it’s about finding the right routine.

 Invest in a planner, and figure out a fitness routine that you can easily commit to three to four days a week. After a few weeks, you’ll start seeing real results with your physique. Your routine doesn’t end at the gym. Keep a schedule for your eating and sleeping habits as well. Keeping a regular schedule helps your body adjust and will help break down and store the energy you need for your increasingly active lifestyle.

4. Stick to Your Own Kitchen

With so many different diet fads out there, it can be overwhelming when finding what works best for you. However, there are some consistencies that are shared throughout some of the better diet trends out there. One of the biggest common denominators is that most of these diets start in the kitchen. By cooking your own meals, you have better control over what goes into your body, leading to a healthier diet.

5. Don’t Go by Just the Numbers

A lot of people often get caught up in the numbers game. They focus purely on what shows up when they step on the scale and feel immensely discouraged when there is little or no change from day to day. When you assess your own progress, look beyond the scale. Consider how you are feeling. Are you more energetic? Are you sleeping better? Sometimes, the numbers may stay the same, but you find that your clothes fit a little better than they used to and your jawline is more defined than before. It’s these little victories that will carry and keep you motivated in your mission to lose weight and be a healthier you. Photo Credit:

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