Managing Type 2 Diabetes Through Fitness And Nutrition

As difficult as type 2 diabetes can sometimes be, there are ways to better manage it. Managing your diabetes through nutrition and fitness are two of the best ways to do this.

Tests have shown that 38% percent of individuals with type 2 diabetes get less than the recommended amount of exercise. This often results in weight gain and overall worsening of symptoms.

With a balance of fitness and nutrition, anyone with diabetes can take better control over their health. So that they can feel better and have a better quality of life.

Get Into a Routine with Meals

One of the best ways to control your type 2 diabetes and manage the symptoms is to have a meal routine. Instead of eating at all hours of the day or skipping meals, try to have a consistent meal time each day.

Sitting down to eat at the same time every day will help you to better manage blood sugar spikes and dips. Making you feel better and be more in control over your health.

This will also help you to avoid overeating out of hunger since you will be eating consistently. This helps you to stay full throughout the entire day without becoming hungry or overly full.

Once you have established a meal routine, your body will naturally start to feel hungry at those meal times.

Count Carbs

Counting carbs is a great way to manage your diabetes through your diet. It is also fairly easy to do if you take insulin.

You can add up the carbs from each meal and adjust your insulin doses as needed throughout the day. This can help you to further identify how different meals and different carbs make you feel.

If a certain number of carbs gives you a blood sugar spike, try lowering that number to better manage that symptom. 

Generally, 45 to 60 carbs are a good number to have per meal. But like anything, this can vary from person to person, and you might need a lower amount of calories to feel good after eating.

Create a Fitness Routine

One of the most important things you can do to help manage your type 2 diabetes is to create a fitness routine.

This can look like a walk or slow jog every morning or a ten-minute workout routine. Your fitness routine could include going to the gym to work on the equipment or even going swimming at the pool.

Any kind of exercise is going to help and make you feel better overall. You could also look into the best kinds of exercise for diabetes for extra benefits.

There are plenty of programs available, or you can create an exercise routine for yourself.

Eat More Fiber

Because fiber isn’t broken down by your body, it isn’t going to boost your blood sugar. Slowly eating larger amounts of fiber over time can actually help to better manage your type 2 diabetes symptoms.

Fiber is also good at helping your digestive tract to remain clean and in good health. You will need to remember to drink plenty of water when you are taking fiber.

Without enough fluids, fiber can make you constipated.

Build Exercise Endurance

As you settle in more to having a regular exercise routine, you should start to try to build up your endurance.

You can do this by simply lengthening the time that you exercise, or you can do resistance training or mild weight lifting to the mix. Remember to take it slow and give your body enough time to build up extra muscle and strength.

It is good to push yourself, just don’t overdo it, or you could risk injuring yourself. Always take small steps at a time until you have built up your endurance and strength.

If a certain exercise doesn’t seem to agree with you try another option until you find a better fit for your fitness needs.

Take a Walk

One great way to keep your blood sugar from spiking after a meal is to take a short walk afterward.

A 10-15 minute walk should be more than enough to help control any blood sugar spikes. This works by sending more blood to your muscles than to your stomach, making it easier for your body to take in sugar.

You could also counteract a blood sugar spike by remaining active after eating. Such as cleaning the kitchen, sweeping the floor, or going outside to water the plants.


With the right balance of exercise and diet control, those with type 2 diabetes can have full control over their health.

With a healthy and balanced diet, they can feel better and have a better quality of life with fewer symptoms and health issues. It just takes a few healthy habits and routines to be put in place for them to have more control over their diabetes.

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