Personal Training

Lean. Fast. Strong. 1-1 Specialized coaching, advancing your health journey. 


  • STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE To make you adaptable and capable of more
  • GOOD LOOKS That brings in more attention than before
  • PERSONALIZED PROGRAMS Built specifically for you and your goals
  • NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT To boost your healthy and fit life, while keeping you feeling great
  • FULL ON-GOING SUPPORT To always have someone there that has your back. We’ll answer any questions

Two Free Weeks of Unlimited Yoga, Fitness, and Meditation Classes. Cancel anytime.


Build up your overall strength and endurance level, and in one year undergo the specialized training needed to help transform you to your dream status. Achieve health, good looks, happiness, and a new life, with our 5-stage basic training program.

Undergo this, and Basic Nutrition coaching to fully optimize your goals. Be able to understand what foods will be most effective in getting the results you’d like, with customized meal plans and shopping lists that take away all confusion.

  • $19/mo. for Basic Training
  • $29/mo. for Training/Nutrition Combo
  • $167 one-time sign-up fee (Includes initial health screening and designing your program)

These are optimal courses for anyone who thinks they’re struggling. Succeed in your games, and learn the correct technique to avoid injuries. We’ve developed our programs to show you results, and secrets you missed, regardless of whether you’re a complete beginner – or have been in the game for years. We’ll teach you the secrets, techniques, health, and the exercises you missed, that separate the pros from the average regular player. Find the right way to your perfect scores. Learn it all, in just 8 weeks. 


Our certified trainers will listen to you and completely customize your fitness program, so we can achieve every one of your personal goals, as well as fit in with the trim-frames, lifestyle, + more that you have. We’ll make sure to specially monitor your progress, be here to answer any of your questions, make necessary adjustments or modifications for you, and most importantly give you the power and drive to ensure your success (as well as have that extra friend to help you feel motivated!). For easier understanding, we’ll also help you out with access to every one of our video demonstrations.

  • $99/mo.
  • $198 one-time sign-up fee (Includes initial health screening and testing to customize your program)
  • $69 per individual session


Football Conditioning Course

Golf Conditioning Course

Soccer Conditioning Course


Achieve your desires with our most personalized program. We’ll listen to every word you say, and make sure you get the path to achieving every little goal you have – including the minute details. We’ll spend the time to build close bonds with you, and help supply you with everything you’ll need, to fully accomplish your goals. Get the ultimate fitness coaching to drive you forwards.

As a bonus. you’ll get a completely tailored nutrition program that includes the foods you enjoy, while still leading to a healthy life. Fitness is only half the battle.

  • $199/mo.
  • $198 one-time sign-up fee (Includes initial health screening and testing to customize your program)
  • $59 per individual session

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