Walking 10,000 Steps Lowers Death Risk in Diabetes Patients

Walking 10,000 Steps

By Arianna Sarjoo Walking 10,000 steps per day may reduce the risk of death for those that have trouble regulating their blood sugar, according to the findings from a new study of almost 1,700 American adults with prediabetes or diabetes. Researchers from the University of Seville, Spain, evaluated U.S. adults with prediabetes and diabetes using data from the CDC’s National…

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Study Shows Drinking Coffee Before Breakfast Raises Blood Sugar

Coffee, blood sugar

A recent paper published in the British Journal of Nutrition has revealed some interesting information regarding the effects of disrupted sleep and morning coffee. By looking at a wide range of metabolic markers, researchers found that your early morning coffee could harm blood sugar control, especially when consumed before breakfast. Physiologists at the University of Bath (United Kingdom) put…

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Vitamin K – A Layman’s Guide to Blood Sugar Levels

Vitamin K

What do you know about blood sugar levels? Depending on your experience, you may associate them with kids who have had way too much candy and are frantically running around the house. Or, if you suffer from diabetes, you probably think of regularly jabbing yourself with a needle to make sure you don’t need to…

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