Inositol Supplementation Might Reduce Gestational Diabetes Incidence and Severity

Inositol and gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a common complication of pregnancy, with a global incidence of 16.7 percent in 2021. It is associated with an increased risk of pregnancy complications and long-term health outcomes for both mother and baby. Supplementation with inositol has been studied as a potential intervention for gestational diabetes, and a recent meta-analysis provides specific…

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Effective Diabetes Management Linked to Lower HbA1c for US Adults

Lower A1C

BALTIMORE — Healthy diabetes management behaviors, such as eating fewer calories, taking insulin, and regularly checking feet, are associated with lower HbA1c, according to a presenter. In findings from six National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey cycles presented at the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists Annual Conference, researchers found associations between key components of…

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