Collagen Peptide Supplementation Boosts the Effect of Resistance Training

A recent study explored the effect of collagen peptide supplementation and resistance training on body composition and muscle strength in elderly sarcopenic males and achieved positive results when compared with a placebo.

Studies have shown the benefits of protein supplementation in combination with resistance training for elderly subjects. However, this research focused on the specific protein supplementation of collagen peptides on the muscle mass and muscle function of male subjects suffering from sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is a syndrome characterized by progressive and generalized loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength. It is strictly correlated with physical disability and poor quality of life. 

During the study, a total of 53 sarcopenic male subjects with an average of 72.2 years of age underwent a 12-week guided resistance training program of three sessions per week. They were also supplemented with either collagen peptides or silica as a placebo. The individuals’ fat-free mass (FFM), fat mass (FM), and bone mass (BM) were measured before and after the intervention using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. The isokinetic strength of their right quadriceps (IQS) was also measured, as well as sensory-motor control (SMC) with a standardized one-leg stabilization test.

The results showed that though all the men had significantly higher levels for FFM, BM, IQS, and SMC, with significantly lower FM, the effect was significantly more pronounced again in subjects who received collagen peptides.

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