Give Yourself the Care You Deserve as a Caregiver

Caring is your job, so the importance of healthy living should come as no surprise because that’s what you encourage your patients to do.

But do you follow your own advice? Sure, you likely add some vegetables to your plate and get in some physical activity when you can, but that may not be enough considering all the stress and strain that your body and mind are under. Besides, it’s hard to incorporate wellness into a hectic schedule when others demand your attention.

Self-care, however, doesn’t have to be a time-consuming drain, at least not if you do it right. Here are some strategies to incorporate into your routine to make sure you’re in form on the job and off.

Move Your Body Where You Can

Your home is perfectly suited for a good workout, and that can save you precious hours going back and forth to the gym when time is tight. Whether you’re exercising alone or with the person you care for, your laptop, smartphone, and game console are your best friends in this endeavour as they give you easy access to YouTube videos, apps, and Wii games that’ll get your muscles pumping.

Learn Some Quick Recipes

You already know what to eat as you’ve been told countless times before. The problem is whipping up balanced meals with fruits, veggies, legumes, and lean meats without spending your entire evening in the kitchen. Have a look at these delightful dishes from Greatist that take only 12 minutes or less. Prepare some in batches for portions ready to eat for the whole week.

Take a Moment for Meditation

You can meditate anywhere, even at work, according to a life coach and therapist writing for Inc. He recommends downloading a few apps that can guide you to a calming state of mindfulness that relieves stress so effectively, then focusing on your breathing before taking in the sights and sounds around you. All you really need to get in the zone is a short break.

Treat Yourself to a Massage

This may cost you a bit, but squeezing a rub down into your weekend is worth the investment. There’s scientific evidence showing that the benefits of massage extend far beyond pleasure to include improving digestion while strengthening the immune system and improving sleep. You get all that for only an hour of your time.

Go for a Walk in the Park

Try to squeeze a walk into your lunch break so you’ll get a quick mood boost and avoid that afternoon slump that plagues so many professionals. Again, the therapeutic nature of this activity has solid grounding in research, which shows that midday walkers enjoy greater enthusiasm and less tension than those who sit still.

Enjoy a Relaxing Hobby

Taking up a hobby is another trick to wean your mind off your worries and find a state of calm. Knitting, for example, provides a “mini-vacation” just when you need it, according to the Fine Print Blog, as do gardening and crafting as they send you into a mental state similar to meditation. At the very least, you’ll add a bit of fun to your daily life.

Build an Evening Routine

An evening routine is crucial to getting a good night’s rest, the very foundation of physical and mental health. Start things off with a look back at what you’ve accomplished during the day, then say “goodbye” to work and switch into home mode, giving yourself distance from distracting electronic devices. Remember to devote some time to exercise, your hobby, or meditation.

Read Before Turning In

This caps off your day nicely, setting you up for a night of deep slumber. Books are known to be soporific as they give your eyes and brain one final effort before they conk out and you doze off. You should be right in bed when the magic happens.

These measures should have you full of energy when the sun rises and throughout the day, and you’ll need it. Stay strong and keep your head up as you’re doing an admirable job.

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