‘Health’ Foods May Not Deliver On Their Promise

Grocery store aisles are filled with foods that sound like they’re good for you, with labels that announce that they’re “low fat” or “high fiber.” But foods that sound healthy aren’t always. Group Health dietitian Terri Fox, RD, helps sort through the hype.

FoodThe problemTry this instead
Low-fat salad
It may be low in calories but is usually high in Sodium. It also seldom Contains healthy oils such As canola or olive oil.Homemade vinaigrettes Made with olive oil and Herb-infused vinegar for A great flavor
Reduced fat
Fat provides flavor and in its absence, manufacturers may add more sugar, which adds more calories.Naturally low-fat snacks like bananas,
dried fruit,or graham crackers.
Energy barsWhile they’re a convenient alternative to vending machine snacks, some are high in fat, may contain lots of added sugar, and often have as many calories as a candy bar.If you want to snack on an energy bar, look
for one that’s 200 calories or less, or try an
orange and 2 tablespoons of almonds.
Frozen sweet
potato fries or
sweet potato
Rich in carbohydrates, potato fries or sweet potatoes are naturally low-calorie and high in fiber, but watch out for added oils.A baked sweet potato.
Fruit juiceEven 100% fruit juice lacks fiber and doesn’t give you that “full” feeling.A piece of fresh fruit.

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