New Year’s Resolutions

A new year has always come with new resolutions, one of them being self-improvement in whichever way. For most people, it is an opportunity to highlight their previous year’s incomplete projects, failures, habits to drop like smoking, etc, and then write new goals as a guideline on what to work on to make the new year full of success.

Traditionally, New Year’s resolutions are set towards the end of the year or within the first few weeks of the new year. But this does not mean that it is too late for you to resolve to do something great at any time of the year.

The Importance of Writing Your New Year’s Resolutions

  1.  Goals can motivate you.

Setting goals gives you inspiration and direction. If your goal is to maintain a healthy blood sugar level, for example, then you will have a natural driving force to do the things that will bring you closer to your goal so you can reap the benefits.

2.  Be able to measure progress.

If you resolve to lose body weight, say 20kgs in 6 months, then you will have a benchmark to compare with.  If at the end of the first month, you weigh yourself, you will see the kind of progress you have made and determine whether your efforts are bearing fruits. If yes, then figure out how to achieve your goal faster, and if not, then you can always change your strategy.

3.  Goals keep us accountable.

Time-bound goals help us stop procrastinating and get rid of all excuses for why we do not do what we are set to do. They make us account for our time and resources.

2021 New Year’s Resolutions

2020 shed light on the importance of making our health a priority.  And for type 2 diabetics, leading a healthier life is not a choice as you must avoid hypoglycemia, chronic hyperglycemia, and other diabetes-related complications.

So, if you are in for the challenge of taking your blood sugar management to the next level, and you are looking forward to a year of being healthy, here are ideas that could help you accomplish your 2021 health resolution.

  1. Take more water and avoid sugar.

This is the easiest way to instantly improve your health. Replace soda, sweetened coffee and tea, energy drinks, and other beverages that contain a lot of sugar and no nutritional value with water.

  1. Bedtime snacks.

As much as your body might crave these, take steps to reduce bedtime snacking till you can do without them.

Research shows that food consumed late at night is unhealthy for the body. This is because the blood sugar may behave weirdly, and you are unable to monitor it since you are asleep. To those who might need a bedtime snack to prevent blood sugar from dropping, it is good to adjust your basal insulin dosage. This is a good way to control how much you eat.

  1. Exercise regularly.

How many times have you tried hitting the gym only to go off the rail before having worked out for even 3-months? If you do not have access to the gym, what are your excuses for not exercising at home?  Make a difference this year by working out 3-4 times a week.

Incorporate strength training into your cardiovascular exercise routine. Lifting weights is not only for bodybuilders. It is highly recommended to everyone regardless of gender or age. Weightlifting boosts the metabolism as well as bone health. It also helps in improving insulin sensitivity. Therefore, it is a great way to help manage glucose and energy levels.


For all these to be fully achieved, there must be hard work and discipline. The best thing you can do today is to simply start. Write down your goals, make small changes to your habits, do what you feel is achievable, track your progress, and reward yourself for all milestones. You will start noticing changes and the long road towards your health will not feel very far away.

Happy New Year!

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