Simple Solutions for Getting More Out of Your Yoga Practice

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Sometimes, pulling more out of your workout can feel pretty challenging. Once you develop a routine, it’s easy to get into a rut and see your progress plateau, or worse, you stop looking forward to doing it at all. If you’re hitting a wall with your yoga practice, it can be easy to make a breakthrough. All you need are a few tools, some updated tech and an open mind.

Track Your Progress with Tech

When you make goals for yourself, how specific are they? In the world of business, employers often see the most success by putting into practice goal setting strategies centered around specific, measurable outcomes. Why not put that to work in your yoga regimen? Set clear goals that challenge you, recognize the benefits in attaining them, check progress regularly, and break your bigger goals into smaller chunks so you can evaluate the journey.

To help you along, consider adding an app to your phone to monitor your weekly and monthly growth. There is a little of everything available, so research recommendations to find something you feel fits your practice. For example, some apps focus on weight loss and health-oriented goals, some pull from both traditional and modern yoga, and some allow you to customize routines with a variety of hand-picked poses.

If your phone won’t accommodate the app (or apps) of your choice, do some exploring to find a device that is not only capable of supporting your workout regimen, but also fits your budget. There are great deals out there, such as Verizon’s iPhone XR, which you can get for as low as $31.24 per month. If an Android is more your style, there are deals to be had on those, too. Research reviews before you select one since they come in a wide variety of packages with different bells and whistles to suit your needs.

Find Your Challenge

One of the keys to successful goal setting is to challenge yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to know what that should be, though, so think through what will not only push you, but motivate you toward doing more in your regimen. There are a few different ways you can do this.

One suggestion is to adjust the amount of time you hold your poses. As Love Meditating explains, lengthening the duration of each pose can improve your strength, circulation, flexibility, and breathing. You gain other benefits as well, as it provides more time for self-introspection, relaxation, and focus.

Could your routine use a refresher? Consider trying some new poses. By altering your movements, you can change how you’re using your muscle groups. This can bring more of a physical challenge, and it can add spark and variety to your routine. Don’t let lack of flexibility hold you back either. Adding a few props here and there, like blocks and straps are great ways to enhance your stretch.
Another idea is to do some cross-training. Yoga Journal explains that spending time lifting weights can boost your strength and skills, equating to more fluidity, balance, and power in your yoga practice.

You can even think of it as a supplement to your overall growth, not just physical performance. By being mindful of your body and breath as you lift, you can turn those strength-training moves into an added mental health boost.

Mind Your Mindfulness

Meditation and yoga go hand-in-hand, but many people find themselves too distracted to savor all the benefits of meditation. If you struggle with keeping your head in your practice, it could be that you need to test drive some other forms of meditation. If you’re struggling with a personal conflict, for instance, a loving-kindness meditation could be of benefit. To help you stay more present, mindfulness meditation would help. Think about what’s getting in the way of your growth, and address it with a meditation tailored to your needs.

When you’re ready to get more from your yoga practice, there are solutions that can help. Set some goals, track your progress, identify a personal challenge, and tailor your meditation to your personal situation. Motivation and satisfaction can be yours with just a few simple changes.

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