Sweating it Out: The Ultimate Post-Workout Skincare Guide

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Exercise is a fantastic way to look after yourself, whether you enjoy it or consider it necessary to improve your mood. 

And while a good workout is beneficial for your body, mind, and soul, it’s not always healthy for your skin. You may get blemishes due to persistent perspiration, touching your face, and the discharge of toxins while exercising.

Also, you already know how gross they can be if you frequent the gym. Many sweaty individuals use the same equipment, maybe without adequately cleaning it and touching anything from water fountains to lockers to dumbbells.

That’s why it’s critical to do skincare after exercising to ensure your skin is as healthy as your body. Here are some post-workout skincare tips and tricks you can follow. 


Washing your face is the first thing you do after working out. Don’t allow bacteria to fester on your face while you sit with a sweaty face. To remove sweat, filth, and oil from your face, wash it with a face cleanser and a cool water spray.

Use treatments

You can use your serums and treatments once you’ve cleaned your skin of all sweat and pollutants. After working out, your skin may become briefly irritated and red. A nourishing treatment will assist in increasing hydration and reduce any irritation or sensitivity.

Watch out for chemicals like niacinamide, which helps improve your skin’s moisture barrier and reduce skin redness. Additionally, it can minimize the pores’ appearance, which aids in blocking the entry of any other pollutants that might try to enter after cleansing.

Another excellent choice for post-exercise skin is a face mist since it may chill your face while delivering nutrients that will rehydrate any water lost throughout your workout. Additionally, it can boost the remainder of your routine by providing an additional layer of hydration that you can lock in with your subsequent move.


Keep your post-workout skincare routine straightforward to avoid overdoing your skin and to help you freshen up more quickly. Every routine should include a moisturizer, but one post-workout is extremely important. Sweat contains salt, which may cause the skin’s surface to dry and worsen an eczema-related condition.

You can apply your moisturizer after determining what works for your skin. Stick to a gel texture that won’t overpower your post-workout complexion if you have oily skin. If your skin is not excessively oily, you could benefit from a cream with a thicker texture after working out to rehydrate your skin. Dry skin will need a rich moisturizer to repair any lost moisture.

Use sunscreen 

Dermatologists agree that maintaining a regular sunscreen application regimen is essential for the long-term health of your skin. Wearing sunscreen protects against the UV rays that break down collagen, the proteins that keep skin elastic and wrinkle-free.

You were probably sweating if you were exercising, which makes this step even more crucial because the sunscreen you put on before working out is gone if you sweat.

Now is the moment to apply a tinted sunscreen, which serves as a UV barrier and cosmetics that evens out your skin tone, rather than reapplying a thick sport sunscreen. Additionally, tinted sunscreen helps shield skin from the harmful effects of indoor lighting.

Don’t forget your body

Many skincare recommendations concentrate on our faces, but we must also care for our bodies, especially after exercise. As soon as you can, change out of your training attire. Fitted clothing can cause itching, discomfort, and body acne by trapping sweat on our bodies. To prevent the sweat from drying on our delicate skin, you should also change out of your loser apparel.

Use a body wash with active chemicals that can combat the bacteria and sweat causing your body acne if you suffer from it. Salicylic acid is excellent at clearing away impurities on the skin and in your pores, while benzoyl peroxide fights germs.

Your body needs to be rehydrated after working out, just like your face. If you prefer maximizing your post-workout glow, adding tan drops to a thick body moisturizer will leave your skin pleased, bright, and bronzed without smearing or sinking into your pores.

Relax your skin like how you relax your muscles after working out

Stretching or strolling after working out to help your muscles calm down would be best. Your face also needs a break. Experts claim that heat can harm skin by impeding its healing mechanisms.

It would be best to safeguard your complexion against heat energy in the same way that you protect your skin from sun-induced UV damage. It is particularly crucial following extended heat exposure, such as a hot yoga practice, according to Dolitsky.

Fortunately, it’s not too difficult. If you’re on the go, wash your face with cool water, or use a cooling mask at home.

Final Thoughts 

Exercise offers numerous advantages for the skin in addition to being beneficial to our mood and health. However, we must care for our skin after sweating to avoid clogged pores, sallowness, sensitivity, and dryness. Using these tips and tricks, you can maintain a healthy, bright glow for hours or days after working out. Now, start sweating, but also remember to cleanse your face.

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