Self-Care and Its Undeniable Importance for Mental Health

mental health

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash Most people are pretty proactive when it comes to their physical health. They get their flu shots, see a doctor when they’re sick, and take certain precautions to prevent bodily injury. However, when it comes to mental health, many people can be downright neglectful. But the truth is, caring…

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Holistic Health: Self-Care Tips for Busy People

Holistic health for busy people

You can establish a great workout routine that keeps you trim and muscular, but if your mental and emotional states are suffering, then you aren’t truly in good health. After all, when it comes to your overall health and well-being, mind and body go together like a hand in a glove. What’s needed is a…

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Are Sauna Sessions Heart Healthy?

sauna sessions

Relaxing in a dry sauna may not only be relaxing, but research has shown that a 30-minute session may also benefit your heart and circulatory system.  TanjaninaLaukkanen, a researcher at the University of Eastern Finland, states that she is not clear why dry sauna heat provides the effects that humid heat does not.  The heat…

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Some Great Ways to Lose Weight, According to Science

weight loss

You have probably come across many weight loss fads and trends that come and go, that might work for your co-worker’s neighbor’s daughter. But the most reliable ways to lose weight have to be backed by science. And that’s what this article is about – here are some of the best ways to lose weight,…

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The Latest Yoga Research


by Shirley Archer, JD, MA People are seeking yoga practice for health benefits, and science is documenting its effectiveness. In the United States, 9.5% of adults—about 21 million people—reported that they practiced yoga as a complementary health approach in 2012 (Clarke et al. 2015). Yoga practitioners noted greater health benefits than adults who tried other…

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5 Reasons Why Tennis Is The Best Sport For Staying Healthy


What is the absolute best sport for staying healthy? Many people would say running, biking, swimming, or basketball. After all, these sports all involve high amounts of cardio sustained over long periods of time. Plus, these sports have a huge cultural presence and are the first things that come to mind when thinking of exercise.…

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Women’s Heart Health and the Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Women’s Heart Health

By: Providence Health Team Interview with Lori M. Tam, MD, a cardiologist at the Providence Heart Institute in Portland Oregon and Medical Director of the Women’s Heart Program, on the importance of women’s heart health. The signs and symptoms of heart disease can be subtle and sometimes confusing. If you experience any symptoms of concern such…

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Alcohol & Breast Cancer Infographic

Alcohol and Breast Cancer

In this blog post, we present an infographic that weighs up recent studies that say drinking moderate amounts of alcohol could increase the risk of getting breast cancer. Almost unbelievably, just over one in ten women will suffer from breast cancer in their lifetimes. Recent studies say these risks are increased in proportion to the…

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