Holistic Health: Self-Care Tips for Busy People

You can establish a great workout routine that keeps you trim and muscular, but if your mental and emotional states are suffering, then you aren’t truly in good health. After all, when it comes to your overall health and well-being, mind and body go together like a hand in a glove. What’s needed is a holistic approach that incorporates self-care measures that keep you feeling fulfilled and optimistic. So, consider the following self-care strategies, and remember that your mental health is every bit as important as a robust physique.

Spend Time on Your Hobby

For many people, a hobby is synonymous with self-care, an activity that involves your mind completely and keeps you from obsessing about personal and work-related stressors. It’s an opportunity to separate yourself from the demands of your daily routine and responsibilities for a while, to stay mentally occupied without glancing at your smartphone for an hour or two.

Healthy Eating

One of the best ways to feel healthy is to stick with a balanced diet that emphasizes non-processed, organically raised foods, especially fruits and vegetables. If your schedule makes it difficult to get to the store and spend time finding healthy foods, consider how a fresh food delivery service can help you stay faithful to your diet, maintain a healthy weight, and feel good in both body and mind. Pay close attention to portion size, and try working new and healthy food selections into your diet to keep from becoming bored with the same old thing every week.

Become an Early Riser

If you’re like many busy professionals, the morning is about the only chance for a little “me time.” Set your alarm an hour early and enjoy some much-needed peace and quiet before another chaotic day gets underway. Open the back door and sip some coffee while the birds are chirping in the early morning sunlight. If you have an especially stressful job, your early morning breather can be a daily touchstone that helps you keep life in perspective.

Do What You Love

You pay a high price for all that stress and hard work if there’s nothing to look forward to afterward. Whether it’s a hobby you put body and soul into or a comforting movie or favorite TV show, make your favorite self-care activity a priority every day so that comforting cushion is always there when you need it the most.

Tune Out Social Media

You have more than enough stimuli coming your way during the course of a busy week. If you’re obsessive-compulsive about checking social media feeds, try tuning out for a few hours every week by shutting down Twitter, Instagram, and other social media portals so you can shut out the world for a while. The latest details about things that don’t directly affect you can wait.

Breathe Deeply

Most people have some kind of relaxation strategy for when things get crazy, whether it’s taking a long walk, meditating in a quiet room, or practicing your jump shot in the driveway. Deep breathing is one of the easiest relaxation tactics you can do, and you can do it anywhere — before an important meeting, before dinner with your in-laws, or during a long commute home when you’re stuck in heavy rush hour traffic.

When it comes to your health, self-care is non-negotiable — every bit as important as your workout regimen. Everyone needs something to look forward to, a reward waiting for you at the end of every day. Don’t minimize those things that make you feel happy, no matter how insignificant they may seem. If they relieve stress, they’re valuable.

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