The Top 4 “Wrong Enemies” to Deal With Diabetes

The world waits for the fight against diabetes to end. More and more generations are experiencing diabetes and it is one of the leading diseases of death. In fact, according to the latest posting by WHO (World Health Organization) in 2019, an estimated 1.5 million deaths were directly caused by diabetes. This high mortality number continues to bring fear and anxiety to anyone experiencing diabetes or who knows someone who is.

With this in mind, the call to act and help fight diabetes is everyone’s responsibility to some degree. Coming up with the perfect battle plan is a must to reach victory over diabetes. So, start recalibrating your mind and start fighting the right enemy for massive health success.

Stop Fighting the Wrong Enemy
There are a lot of misconceptions about diabetes out there. Most people are unaware of exactly what diabetes is and even those who have it are not equipped with proper knowledge and understand what it means for their lifestyle and loved ones. These misconceptions appear to be growing as knowledge is learned from unauthorized or misinformed persons. Making sure you are focusing on the correct facts is key to having victory in your battle with diabetes. Below are a few of the most common misconceptions out there:

Too Much Sugar Equals Diabetes
It is common for people to think that consuming too much sugar in diabetes. This is not necessarily true as there is a big difference between the sugar you find naturally in fruits and vegetables and the refined sugar you find in processed foods. Even in processed foods though sugar (and more importantly the calories) can make a person gain fat and lead to obesity, this in and of itself is not the real cause of the disease. Obesity does increase your risk of getting diabetes as well as other health concerns.

Diabetes is Transmittable
Diabetes is not contagious. Do not blame someone else who acquired this disease, and others have nothing to say about it. Diabetes is a result of man’s unawareness of the illness itself.

Young Ages are not Prone to It
The truth is diabetes targets all ages. Any person can have this. Be mindful that, as young as you may be now, there are plenty of negative consequences down the road if you are not considerate of your health. After all, there is no one to blame for not managing your diabetes but yourself.

Avoid Carbs
Some would say, “You can’t eat carbs because of your diabetes.” There is no scientific evidence that diabetic people must not eat carbs. Getting the proper amount of carbs (which has more to do with total calories) and the right type of carbs is critical with your diet to help control blood glucose sugar levels.

Viewing any of the above as enemies is not necessarily the best choice of battle if you want to win the war on diabetes. You need to start recalibrating your lifestyle. Start being mindful of your health. There must be a renewing of your mind. Accept the facts about diabetes and delete all of the myths. Acceptance is a big key. Today, stop fighting the wrong enemies and start focusing on leading a healthier lifestyle. You can win in this battle. You can win the war!

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