“Thoughts On Pain Control”

A study on remedies for muscular pain and injuries was performed at Duke University beginning in March of 2005. These mostly included people who suffered from chronic lower back pain. 61 people were included in the study, which was supervised by Francis J. Keefe at the Duke University Medical Center.

In the course of the study, some surprising variables were discovered that involved more than just the typical clinical and rehabilitation measures that are utilized for these particular conditions. During the course of analysis, the participants who carried grudges or anger against people or situations also suffered from physical pain at a more intense and longer period of time than those that were able to release these hostile feelings. They noticed that those participants who were able to recognize, control, and release these negative feelings of anger, hostility, and depression suffered less physical pain than those that were not so aware of their feelings and behaviors.

It should be noted that when we become aware of negative feelings, we can control them by recognizing them and taking measures to diminish them, such as; exercise, a healthy diet, talking to someone about your feelings, and seeking professional help, as necessary. We will also notice that physical symptoms will diminish when we are both physically and psychologically aware.

Written by W. Anthony Yoshino DC, CSCS

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