How to Maintain Your Fitness When the Cold Weather Keeps You Inside

Is cold weather bringing down your workout routine? You can stay fit and healthy even when you’re stuck indoors. Here are some tips for keeping up your program no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

Make Exercise Convenient

One of the key factors in keeping up a fitness routine when the weather keeps you inside is convenience. You can actually get a great workout from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a little floor space, some online instruction videos, and a few well-chosen pieces of equipment. In fact, even if you’re an avid runner or cyclist, you can move your beloved workout indoors — all you need is a treadmill or stationary bike and the right pair of shoes! These machines are smart investments because they don’t take up a lot of space and you can use them year-round. Having the right pair of shoes for your gait, foot size, shape, activity type, and level will help you make the most of both indoor and outdoor running and cycling workouts.

You may also want to consider a handful of other key items to add to your home gym:

  • Dumbbells and kettlebells. These hand weights are small enough to be stowed almost any place in your home and allow you to do a variety of exercises for building strength.
  • Yoga mat. This is a simple floor mat designed to cushion your body when you’re training, and you’ll find a good mat is a vital piece of equipment.
  • Bosu balance trainer. Bosu stands for “both sides utilized,” and these half-ball devices are capable of providing a wide variety of exercises. If you aren’t familiar with them, you can find some terrific illustrated instructions on the Web for a basic Bosu workout.
  • Pull-up bar. Work your torso with a pull-up bar. These can be attached to a door frame and can blend in quietly with your decor.
  • Suspension trainers. These portable devices are a simple and clever concept using gravity to build your strength and tone your body. This is a strap with a handle on each end. The strap attaches to an overhead anchor.
  • Adaptable resistance bands. You can do exercises for various muscle groups with simple resistance bands. They are easily stored and can travel virtually anywhere, so if you like to move your workout around, resistance bands offer great versatility.

If you’re planning a move, look for an apartment building with an on-site fitness center. You can view online listings to find a variety of apartments for rent in Seattle with the amenities you need.

Maintain Your Motivation

One of the most difficult aspects in keeping up a workout routine can be staying motivated. If you find cold and gloomy days make you opt for curling up under a blanket instead of engaging in exercise, some studies suggest these keys for maintaining your focus and staying on track:

  • Peer pressure. It can be one thing to tell yourself you will do something, but we are more inclined to follow through when we promise in front of our friends. It can also help motivate you to work out with others. When you’re stuck at home, you can find “at-home” personal trainers through apps or social media and even throw in a little healthy competition.
  • Reward good behavior. You can actually create a pathway in your brain to help you keep up healthy habits if you involve a reward.  For instance, set out your workout equipment in the same place each day, then do your routine, and give yourself a prize such as a healthy tea or watch an episode of your favorite show.
  • Eat healthy. By maintaining a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains, you can give your motivation a boost. Wholesome foods provide the energy we need to get through the day — and an intense workout. If your calendar makes it hard to meal prep, consider using meal delivery services to ensure you have healthy food you can cook up in a pinch.
  • Make a game plan. It’s important to find things you enjoy in your workout as well as identify what is keeping you from accomplishing it. Focus on the feel-goods and alter what you need to in order to stay on track. For instance, if it’s too hard to navigate the kids’ schedules and find energy in the evening, move your workout to the first thing in the morning. Set the alarm a half hour earlier if you need to.

If you need help maintaining your motivation, visit Destiny Management for a variety of health and fitness services and products that can help you meet your wellness goals!

In-Home Fitness

You can stay fit and focused, even when it’s freezing outside. Make working out convenient with a home gym and find ways to keep your motivation. Don’t let foul weather dampen your fitness routine!

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