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It’s not a secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has been rough on everyone. According to Nature Portfolio, the US Census Bureau reported that more than 42% of people surveyed were struggling with the effects of anxiety and depression. The economy plummeted and 20.6 million jobs were lost. The loneliness of living in isolation has exacerbated the symptoms of those who were already struggling with depression.

For some, it’s tempting to turn to alcohol or drugs to cope, but this will only make things worse. If you’ve found yourself struggling with mental health issues, or you’re having trouble feeling motivated to accomplish things every day, you might be surprised to hear that exercising can help.

Starting a regular habit of exercising every day will make it easier to cope with the stress and combat the symptoms of depression. Exercising will also help you manage any anger that you might have about current events. Destiny Management shares why you should start exercising every day to recover from everything you’ve been through.

Wired for Good Times

Exercising creates the euphoric feeling that accompanies many types of addictive behavior, including sex, gambling, and drugs. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel good. The problem occurs when people engage in self-destructive behaviors in the process. Exercise creates the same effects without the devastating consequences of substance abuse.

The lesson is clear: The key to healthily boosting your mood is working out. Exercising, much like substances, releases endorphins and dopamine in your brain. This gives you a natural and healthy high. The more you exercise, the more intense this high is. The most intensive exercises could allow you to have a “runner’s high.”

Exercising can also encourage new cell growth in your brain. If you’re depressed from recent events, or life in general, your hippocampus, which is responsible for learning and memory, is likely smaller. This can make daily life even more difficult as you could experience memory problems and difficulty trying to learn new things. According to The Scientist, exercise promotes growth in the hippocampus, which will help you function better and tackle more things.

Exercise or Anger?

Anger carries a high cost for your well-being, according to Everyday Health. Here are some of the ways an uncontrolled temper can harm your body:

  • By raising your blood pressure to dangerous levels. Angry outbursts dump huge amounts of cortisol and other stress-inducing hormones into your system, putting you at risk of a heart attack or stroke.
  • By worsening symptoms of anxiety and depression. Angry people are unhappy people, according to the Huffington Post. You may believe that indulging your animosity will eliminate the causes of your displeasure. But medical research says otherwise.
  • By weakening your immune system. Studies show that becoming enraged can impair your body’s ability to fight off infections for up to six hours after the incident. Far from serving your interests, your anger works against you.

Anger management is a complex topic. But science shows that exercise can help to control this volatile emotion. Here’s how:

  • Regular physical activity mimics the calming effects of meditation. Its rhythmic patterns induce relaxation while challenging the body to become more fit.
  • Exercise relieves stress, depriving anger of the raw emotional fuel it needs to prolong itself.
  • Exercise can connect you with new friends while improving the way you look, boosting your self-esteem.

A Positive Influence

Not only does exercise affect you mentally and chemically, but it allows you to accomplish something every day. Creating a schedule for your exercise and executing it daily will make it easier for you to start developing other healthy habits like cleaning your house more often or doing other things you have neglected.

As you become more physically fit and your mood improves, you will find that it is easier to cope with the difficult things in life. Stressful events will stress you out less because you will have a healthy outlet to relieve stress and anger. To make your new hobby even more effective, consider adding fresh foods and a good amount of protein to your diet. Processed foods and sugars could harm your mental health, so a more wholesome diet will help you feel better overall. Breathable and comfortable clothing (bras, for example) and exercise gear can also boost performance and add much-needed motivation.

If you’re struggling to recover from the effects of the pandemic, exercising could just be your answer. While it isn’t a cure-all, it will help you make drastic steps to improving your life. What are you waiting for?

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