Change Can be a Good Thing

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Throughout our lives, all of us will experience transitions from one stage of life to the next.  Sometimes these are stressful or uncomfortable times, but they can also be opportunities for positive change. Your attitude will determine a lot about your experience. So, whether you’re entering the world of full-time work for the first time, dealing with empty nest changes, or retiring, consider the upheaval in your life a good opportunity to re-evaluate your priorities and adjust things accordingly. It’s also the perfect chance to replace bad habits with ones that contribute positively to your overall wellbeing. You can check out a quick webinar on Making & Breaking Habits.

Both big and small changes can make an impact

Often small changes can start a bigger process. In fact, starting small is a good idea. Something as seemingly minor as giving up sugary soft drinks could lead to a healthier lifestyle that includes more nutritious meals and exercise. You might want to take action to reduce stress in your life, such as letting go of a friendship that is no longer working, clearing clutter from your home, or adjusting your schedule to get more sleep. Maybe now is a good time to follow your curiosity and take up a hobby you’ve been wanting to pursue. Setting small goals can help to make some of the changes less overwhelming.

Consider a new line of work

Sometimes people outgrow their jobs. You might be ready for a different position in the same field, different work hours, or you may want to change your area of interest completely. When your job is no longer a good fit, changing careers can be good for your mental health. Give some thought to your core values and interests, and whether your current line of work matches up. If not, take the time to update your resume. A free resume builder can help you craft a resume that stands out and looks professional. By tapping into online tools to design a resume, you can customize it for the job you want.

Return to school if necessary

If you’re changing careers, you may need to get more credentials.  If you’re going back to school, consider an online degree program. Some offer interdisciplinary degrees that can lead to work in more than one industry. Earning a degree online can make it possible to continue working while you complete your studies.

Focus on what makes you happy

Although it’s easy to get bogged down in stress or fear about the changes in your life, you can control some of the ways you’re impacted by focusing on the positive and seeking out people, situations, and activities that bring you joy. You might even want to create a “victory list” of successes big and small. Write it down on an index card and keep it with you so you can review it frequently. 

Times of transition will happen for all of us. Some will be smooth and others more challenging. Although we generally can’t control what happens, we can control the ways we respond. Taking a look at your habitual patterns can be helpful. You get to decide which habits, endeavors, relationships, and pastimes you want to change, and the new things you’ll choose to replace them. Whether you decide to pursue healthier eating, a new hobby or friendship, a less cluttered home, a career change, or even an additional college degree, you can use this time of transition as a time of building and creating a good life for yourself.

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