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Health Resources’s  goal is to develop the best resources available for students in nursing across the nation, in keeping with their commitment they’ve curated on-campus and online degree guides for a psychiatric nurse practitioner. These guides contain information on critical topics such as admissions requirements, course options, and job outlook that students need to know to achieve success in their studies and career. You can take a look at a couple of their guides linked below:

CNA Classes Near Me helps those interested in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) find training programs. Many of these programs are free as they are funded by the U.S. Department of Labor or state equivalent agencies. The site has state-by-state pages that list out all training locations in a given state as well as their contact information.

CNA Free Training provides free training materials for those preparing to take the CNA exam, which is a requirement in order to become a licensed CNA. There are free practice tests for each section of the CNA exam, as well as supplemental training materials that can be used while taking CNA classes – all of which are free.

To help recognize their hard work and celebrate National Nursing Assistants Week, EduMED is sharing a few of their career guidebooks for aspiring CNAs. Their goal is to make sure you have all of the resources you need to make an informed decision about their CNA training, including information about partially online programs that are making it easier to become a CNA. Here are the links to the guidebooks if you’d like to check them out.

How to Become a CNA:

Guide to Online CNA Classes:

Here are 2 dedicated organizations that work to better the community through volunteering and health awareness:, which raises awareness on the dangers of addiction and helps local communities stay drug-free (, and the American  Society of Addiction Medicine, who also promotes drug abuse prevention and treatment (

Another great resource can be found at Recall Report.   Recall Report is an online resource with information on addiction and mental health. They feature information for specific demographics, including men, women, seniors, children/teens, students, veterans, homeless and more. Their support resources and educational materials span important topics/pages, including addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse, depression/anxiety, recovery, and rehabilitation.

For access to a free helpline called “Addiction Helper” staffed by qualified counselors and recovered addicts, go to:

For a free advice helpline try:  UK-Rehab.  Visit Recovery Lighthouse to visit with an experienced group of passionate addiction therapists who dedicate every resource necessary to the detoxification and rehabilitation of people who are struggling with addiction.

Detox Local ( provides medically reviewed guides on every aspect of the drug & alcohol withdrawal process, as well as a list of SAMHSA-approved detox centers throughout the country.

9 Best Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Washington

Need to find a rehab center?  Locate an inpatient rehab center

For a comprehensive overview of all options and how to navigate the with more than 49 citations of studies from governmental and educational authorities, go to Delphi Health Group.

Another great resource:

A great resource for alcohol rehab:  Abbeycare Foundation

Want to know how nutrition and rehab work together?  Go to Nutrition in Drug Rehab.

Mental Health Education Guides include lists of scholarships, comprehensive degree program data, licensing & certification information by state, and career profiles for the industry.  Psychology Degrees or Social Work Degrees

Drug Dangers helps keep the public educated and informed of defective medical devices and dangerous medications that are currently available on the market today. Click Here to learn more.

Recovering Champions helps individuals get personalized addiction treatment through evidence-based practices, trauma counseling, and treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders. Click Here to learn more.

The Bedrock Recovery Center is an inpatient residential facility. They provide individuals with tailored treatment plans in a culturally humble and gender-responsive environment, and evidence-based treatments for addiction, trauma, and co-occurring disorders.

Interested in getting a Counseling Degree online?  Click Here

North Jersey Recovery Center, is a trusted leader in connecting those with their proper drug and alcohol recovery options.

Visit these sites for help with addiction:   Harmony Place Resources / Coastal Detox / Grace Land Recovery / Riviera Beach Treatment Center in South Florida / Kingsway Recovery in New Jersey / Rock Recovery Center / Addiction Intervention / North Jersey Recovery Center / Makana Path

Looking for help with mental health?  Go to Montare Behavioral Health.

For ane and useful state-by-state interactive drug overdose map, Click Here.

Here’s a complete guide to in’s and out’s of substance abuse which can help addicts to heal over time. Click Here

Check out the interactive overdose map.

Here is a complete guide to in’s and out’s of substance abuse which can help addicts to heal over time.

To learn more about programs that Bring Real Change, BRC Healthcare & BRC Recovery.

Click Here to get resources and treatments available for someone struggling with substance abuse and how they can find long-term solutions.

Northern Illinois Recovery Center

Gardens Family Dentistry

Sana lake

Discovery Institute

New Directions for Women

LIDO Wellness Center

Riverside Recovery has created a Resource Hub to help people understand mental health, substance abuse, recovery, and additional topics.

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