Are Sauna Sessions Heart Healthy?

Relaxing in a dry sauna may not only be relaxing, but research has shown that a 30-minute session may also benefit your heart and circulatory system.  TanjaninaLaukkanen, a researcher at the University of Eastern Finland, states that she is not clear why dry sauna heat provides the effects that humid heat does not.  The heat generates sweating that is a natural diuretic effect that lowers blood pressure and decreases the work load on the heart.

On average, the study found that 30-minute sauna users, saw a drop in blood pressure and artery stiffness immediately after their session. They also noted an increase in heart rate that was similar to the effect from moderate exercise.  Researchers say their results may help explain why people who regularly use a sauna have a decreased risk for heart disease and dementia.

Taking a dry sauna bath should not replace your regular exercise session but utilizing it as part of your routine once or twice a week may help increase the strength and vitality of your cardiovascular system.

Anthony Yoshino DC, CSCS

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