6 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Life

Yoga has been around for more than 5000 years. While its popularity in the West just increased within the past few decades, Yogis from India have already been practicing yoga in caves for a long time as a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline.  Considering the age of this practice, it’s natural to believe that it is indeed beneficial in many ways for all practitioners. Hundreds of studies conducted confirm it and the results speak for themselves.  But how can yoga improve your well-being and change your life for the better? Read more to find out!

  1. Improve your Strength and Flexibility. While yoga is effective in increasing strength just like other physical exercises when done correctly, one additional benefit is it increases our flexibility as well at the same time. Yoga asana (physical practices) helps our body be stronger and more flexible from head to toe which will help us perform our daily activities with ease.
  2. Synchronized Body, Mind, and Spirit. Yoga is more than a simple physical exercise. It helps us unite our body, mind, and spirit ultimately increases our self-awareness, and calms our minds. By doing so, our physical and mental stress can be reduced significantly, improve our reflexes, and improve thought organization.
  3. Better Weight Management. Even the less vigorous kinds of yoga can help us control our weight by eliminating calories and stress from the body, and reducing cortisol levels which are the cause of stress. Yoga also helps us increase self-esteem and encourages healthy eating habits.
  4. Relaxed and Focused. Being relaxed and focused is more like a luxury in modern lifestyle. We tend to be always busy and our minds wander all the time. The breathing techniques you’ll learn from yoga will help you control your own body and be relaxed and focused at will, even when at work or school.  Controlled breathing enhances the blood flow between our organs and heightens our senses. That’s the reason behind yoga being able to increase the productivity levels of those who practice it.
  5. Boost Your Energy Levels. With the help of yoga asana and pranayama (breathing practices), we can improve the flow of oxygenated blood throughout our body increasing our energy levels to help us do more activities daily without feeling tired. Also, both practices stimulate our minds and help us feel motivated and refreshed, making us think better and retain focus longer.
  6. Helps You Get in Touch With Your True Self. Yoga teaches us how to leave our thoughts and worries behind and focus solely on ourselves and how we feel in that moment.  Our minds constantly think of our responsibilities, goals, or whatever tasks we should be doing. We tend to focus on the past and the future that we forget to live in the moment. This usually leads to being overwhelmed and stressed.

Yoga helps us separate from our work, our studies, our past or our future, our responsibilities, and all the things that don’t define us. Yoga helps us connect with the true essence of ourselves to guide us in finding passion, drive, and focus within.  Yoga is one of the few things you can do to improve your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. With all the mentioned benefits and more, yoga can change your life. Try it today and find the clarity and meaning you’ve been looking for!  For more information, check out http://www.drishtiplan.com/blog/.

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